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Big Fella Rain is a celebration of the start of the rainy season – the clouds building, the animals retreating and the cracked earth waiting. It is a celebration of the seasons in the Top End of Australia and the delicate nature of the natural world.

Fern Martins‘ illustrations are exquisite and the details she adds to the animal features or the subtle changes in the sky add more depth to the story and show the young reader just what life looks like as the rain falls.

We loved reading this story, looking at the details of the insects, listening to the animals cry for joy and watch the water as it made it’s presence. Big Fella Rain is a wonderful picture book to read out loud, pore over the pictures and think about how much we rely on water.

Signed and can be dedicated by fern- $19.00 when available in studio only



Bubbay lives quite happily in the Australian outback. He gazes at the stars before falling asleep, and tends his goat herd carefully to ensure they provide him with lots of lovely milk. Down on the plain lives Mrs Timms, a 'lonely lady', who lives in a 'simple house' and gratefully accepts Bubbay's goats' milk in exchange for fresh eggs.

On Christmas Eve Bubbay can't help but feel lonely, and wishes for a special Christmas with a tree, a home and some family. Here is where the magic shoots into the story as a special Christmas tree magically arrives. With a challenge to be completed by Bubbay before sunrise, help arrives in the shape of 'old grandma Gubarlee' who guides Bubbay gently through his search for five special items.

Fern Martins' reputations as an artist is well established. In Bubbay her illustrations bring the magic of the narrative alive with a wonderful palette that encapsulates the heat, and magnificence, of the outback. Her colours and vibrancy capture  'a shimmering glow with a fiery tale flashed cross the sky' beautifully - a stand out page for My Book Corner!

Signed and can be dedicated by fern-$21.00 when available in studio only.



The Spotty Dotty lady, who at the beginning of the story has no name, is a lonely woman ‘whose only friends were the pretty flowers in her garden’.  One day she discovers a new plant that has mysteriously arrived in this garden, and she nurtures the bud until it blooms into a spotty dotty flower.  When more flowers bloom, she paints her old weather board house with dots, and before long the neighbors are outside wanting her to paint their tea cups.  They christen her with her new name and her loneliness vanishes when she throws a party and the street is filled with music and dance.  The book ends with a wise old owl that must have dropped the seed flying away  over a neighborhood that is ‘the happiest street in the whole town’.

The illustrations are just gorgeous.  The dots, of course, reference Aboriginal dot painting, but the characters are multi-ethnic, and the setting is urban.  I particularly like the realism of the womanly shape of the spotty dotty lady, and I love the retro feel of the canisters and the radio in her kitchen.  I think art teachers would love the inspiration this book offers for decorating all kinds of things – the spotty dotty lady even has spots on her teeth!

Signed and can be dedicated by fern- $19.00 when available in studio only.


 “SOMETIMES the essence of magic is the “not knowing” – the dependence on imagination, however fanciful, to fill the gaps. In this charming book illustrated by Fern Martins, we meet Ella, Mia and their grandparents, who live in a dusty town by the sea. Each day, grandpa brings the girls a treat taken from a magical tree – toast covered with delicious, creamy honey. The girls search the sand dunes for the tree grandpa has described, but never find it. The young reader can choose to explain the toast magic rationally, or leave it all down to grandpa’s magic, because only he can pick the toast from the tree or the magic will stop.”

 This beautiful story is made even more magical by the by Fern Martins’ water colour illustrations, which vividly evolve with each turn of the page. Their deeply rich colours and details give life to this story and life to the family that share it. Signed and can be dedicated by Fern-$19.00 when available in studio only.





Do you know what my Mum whispers as she straightens out a curl? You can do anything. You're my bold Australian girl. This delightful picture book encourages girls to do anything…. Focusing in a nurturing relationship between a young Indigenous girl and her mum, this book celebrates everything from football to friendship, reading to surfing.

Signed and can be dedicated by fern- $21.00 when available in studio only